Upcoming On Screen Podcast 1st Episode!

Upcoming On Screen Podcast 1st Episode!

After delaying and delaying, I finally decided to pull the trigger and post up Upcoming On Screen’s first podcast, this went through multiple weeks of trying to decide what to talk about, (the first incarnation had Oscar night predictions) It was decided just to keep it simple and talk about the main topic of my love for going to the cinema and some film reviews.

I hope you enjoy it. If you interested in coming on the podcast let me know and we can set something up along the road!

In this episode I give a little breakdown of what to expect down the line including how there will be a heavy focus on the cinema going and cinema working experience (10 years of working in cinemas will do that to a person) and with a future focus of the ongoing Horror films to watch A-Z series where I will chat about one specific film from that ever growing list. Then we will round out the episode with reviews of films released that week and ones that have caught my eye that I think you should have a lookout for.

If anyone wants to come on and chat about going to cinema or even working within one, feel free to message me and we can have a chat either about the joys or the haunting memories, either or!

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Thanks for reading, every view helps us out more than you would think (we have fragile egos). Until next time.

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