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Hello and welcome to Upcoming On Screen.

Scott Gilliland is the founder and editor of Upcoming On Screen. Here we look back at films from the silent era all the way to new releases. No genre is immune from our thoughts.

Scott began writing about film way back in his University days where he reviewed films for the University newspaper. After a lifetime working in a variety of cinemas, Scott would go on to contribute for great websites such as Blueprint: Review and The People’s Movies. This experience allowed Scott to gain confidence and eventually create Upcoming On Screen in December 2019.

Upcoming On Screen

Upcoming On Screen was created to look at all types of film, from the Silent era all the way to modern releases. No film is immune from a review here. Features such as Silent Sundays, were we look back at films from the that wonderful era, was originally created to help improve Scott’s knowledge of film. It has in fact become a wonderful treat. Other features such as Backseat Writer and In Defense of also float by every once and a while, including the popular series of stories of working in a cinema (10 years of experience in cinemas will give you plenty of stories to share).

Upcoming On Screen also looks into horror genres and will be covering festival films as well as news and opinion pieces.

Want us to review your film or cover your film festival?

We are more than happy to review short films, independent films and film festivals to help gain your film a little extra exposure. Contact us at info@upcomingonscreen.com and we will be sure to get back to you ASAP.

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If you enjoy our reviews and pieces and want Scott to contribute to your website, please give us an email or contact us through our social medias on Facebook and Twitter.

We look forward hearing from you and hope you enjoy our content. Until next time.