Reviewing the highest-grossing film of the year (1918): Mickey

We move onto 1918 in our series of reviewing the highest-grossing film of each year. Last week we looked at Cecil B DeMille’s and Mary Pickford’s A Romance of the Redwoods. This week we move onto Mickey starring Mabel Normand. Due to only just watching more silent films this is

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Oscars 2020 nomination reaction

The nominations are out and we will have a lot to talk about over the coming month, but first let’s just get our first reactions and compare to how I prediction yesterday. Spoiler I am furious at the snubs that have happened here… Shall we? Best Picture Ford v Ferrari,

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Modern trailers need a rethink

It has been an issue for years now, but for the majority of the time, trailers for upcoming films have been an utter shambles. There are a lot of gripes about them nowadays and almost once a week a poor trailer is released. Today we are going to talk about

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