Scare Me – ★★★

An entertaining film that feels like a love letter to all the writers out there, struggling or best selling. Scare Me takes some bold decisions with its confined setting; taking advantage of a smart script & two great performances.

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Psycho Goreman – ★★★★

A practical effects-laden joy. Psycho Goreman is everything a genre fan would love but can also go beyond a niche B-movie to be a schlocky film that will entertain everyone. Siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord who was interred on Earth millions of years ago after a failed

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Fried Barry – ★★★

There will be very little between Fried Barry; you will either love this film or hate it. A non-stop ride that takes no prisoners and does even less to explain itself. Jarring and intelligible, this is one for those who love chaos in their sci-fi.

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