Akira (1988) ★★★★★ – 50 Mondays of Sci-Fi

We return to our 50 Mondays of Sci-Fi series with the anime of the 80s Katsuhiro Otomo’s astounding and influential Akira (1988)

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50 Mondays of Sci-Fi: Moon (2009) ★★★★★

On Mondays, we look back at 50 great science fiction films. So far we have looked back at Alien, The Thing and Sunshine. This time out we look at Duncan Jones 2009 debut feature, Moon. Synopsis Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is nearing the end of a three-year contract in solitude

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50 Mondays of Sci-Fi: The Thing (1982) review

Every Monday we look back at a classic science fiction film. Last week we looked back at Ridley Scott’s influential Alien. Our second Monday of sci-fi films brings us to John Carpenters The Thing (1982). The Thing has resonated with me from an early age. I would have been around

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