Support Us

We are but a small thing in this big wide world, and while we would love to make this website a big and wonderful being, finances restrict us a tad. With your support however we hope to make the website and all of those little costs become a worry of a past to make sure it can be self-sufficient.

Of course, we don’t expect to ever make a profit here, that isn’t why we do what we do. But to make sure that the website and all of content we produce for you is on as top a level as possible we would love not to have to worry about those dreaded bills.


You can support us in a variety of ways (other than that wonderful word of mouth). Mainly at first we are going to focus on the wonderful world of Patreon, find our link here!

We have a multitude of tiers and most importantly we do not want or expect you to break the bank in your support of us. So our first tier starts at £2.50, like us, it is cheap and cheerful! There are some wonderful perks as the tiers expand, but all of those have us and the growth of the website in mind. Such as eventually expanding to a video and podcast format as well as our written reviews. As we said, all of your support will go directly to the website and growth of the “brand” on those other formats.

Buy Us A Coffee

Our other method if through the wonderful Buy us a Coffee feature, but seeing as we are not the biggest fans of coffee, a pizza will do! We keep it fairly small change on that as well and it allows you to give just a one off payment, so no need to worry about that monthly malarky! We even have a little icon on the website for you to find it and help us out with the running of the website.

Again, any support you give be it by word of mouth or even financially is fantastic and we will cherish it a new born. Thanks!