Splinters ★★★1/2 Sheff Doc Fest

Natalia Garayalde’s intimate documentary is as much a love letter to family members as about
what befell her community of Río Tercero in 1995. Deftly crafted, we are left with an enthralling yet painstakingly honest film

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Factory to the Workers ★★★ 1/2 – Sheff Doc Fest

A fascinating documentary of determination, Srđan Kovačević keeps a neutral gaze on his subjects as they battle through thick and thin to make an impossible task succeed. In Croatia in 2005, a machine tools factory was occupied by its workers. Since then, they have operated collectively, becoming the only successful

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Sheff Doc Fest: Sing, Freetown – ★★★★

Sing, Freetown is a captivating look at two men trying to reclaim the identity of their country and show generations, young and old, the importance of their culture. A very personal documentary that racks up the tension to the hopeful opening night. Raised in Sierra Leone and now a Londoner, Sorious

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