Black Widow moves to May, triggering Disney slate shift

Black Widow moves to May, triggering Disney slate shift

We knew it was coming. Black Widow has been postponed until May 7th, which should be its final date change. It is staying theatrical. In fact all the changes are staying theatrical which is a big plus to cinemas and maybe a hint that the Mulan experiment wasn’t a complete success as Disney would like to admit. But, with this Black Widow move, it means that a lot of films are shifting a bout. Let’s break down who is going where and who is so far, bravely staying put in 2020.

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Eternals (now November 5, 2021)

With Black Widow moving, Disney obviously feel that early 2021 is still a risk and has plucked with shifting Eternals completely out of the way to try and relay any fears that it may not perform well. Thus far this probably looks like it will be the right decision.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (now July 9 2021)

Black Widow effectively takes Shang-Chi’s place and Disney strangely places it in a post Independence Day slot instead of that weekend to get maximum box office. It will also benefit from that Black Widow bump as long as it performs to industry expectations. Though some July Marvel releases have not gone as well as Disney would like.

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The King’s Man (now February 26, 2021)

A slight change all considering, but with Eternals moving to the Autumn, The King’s Man can take its space in the Valentines weekend dates. The King’s Man has already moved before. This earlier date usually does well when things are “normal” so it would have been foolish for it not to try and take that spot.

Death on the Nile (now December 18, 2020)

It had to move due to the audience it wants to attract. It is not likely that the over 50 audience will be risking cinema visits any time soon, though again. I really would not be surprised if it moved again.

West Side Story (now December 10, 2021)

It had to move really, December 2020 was just becoming too packed and it is better to get it out of the way now than waste money marketing it. A wise move here. This move means that it is now gone from the 2021 Oscars, though with what is getting released this year, I am not sure it would have done that well…

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Soul (not going anywhere)

Surprised? There were fears that it would be shifted to Disney Plus and while that is still possible, it remains in it’s spot. We spoke last time about a studio making a film a tester. Tenet was a poor choice for that due to the audience it does and does not bring. Soul is almost the perfect choice, as such a wide range of audiences will be interested here. Plus it had to stay in the 2020 early 2021 window for that Animated Feature.

No Time to Die (00 not moving)

It seems that they are really not going to shift here and that is bold. Bond isn’t the greatest box office draw for North American audiences with it in fact waning. I suspect that it will go the Tenet route here as like it or not, a lot of Bonds, audience is in the older demo. A risky play

Who might still move?

Coming to America 2

I feel that if Coming to America 2 is in anyway good, then it simply has to move. That is just too packed a couple of weeks for it to do well and it would almost be a disservice for it to be hidden between so many films. It should be able to perform well for a number of weeks and not just one that it could just do here this year.

Wonder Woman 84

We know it has moved 84 times already, but, it is another packed month. If Dune gets half the buzz it deserves then this might be another that struggles a tad and no one wants that to happen. It might be the best solution to completely shift it out of COVID danger. Warner Bros need this to perform. Why risk it?

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