Butchers – Brutal independent Canadian horror heading to Digital Download on 22nd Feb and DVD on 8th March

Butchers – Brutal independent Canadian horror heading to Digital Download on 22nd Feb and DVD on 8th March

Sharp Teeth Films is thrilled to release their latest horror, Butchers. Directed by Adrian Langley, the Canadian independent horror will be released in the UK across all major digital platforms from 22nd February and DVD on 8th March to coincide with National Butchers Week!

After their car breaks down, four youths find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. Little did this group know that they are have broken down at the wrong place at the wrong time. They soon fall captive to the Watson family; sadistic butchers keep their ‘fresh meat’ tied up in a wooden outhouse.

With hints of WRONG TURN, the four friends have little time to escape before it’s their turn to meet the chopping block.

Our view

Butchers’ is a film we are pretty excited to check out for our review before 22nd February for the digital download release. This is a trailer that you like to see, short and very much to the point. Kudos for not giving too much away and still managing to bring a good amount of terror and potential gore to proceedings.

If Butchers utilises its score and sound, and it does here in the trailer, this could be a film that will bring a fair few jumps to the audience as we close out winter. The same can be said for some of the shot choices here. This may be an independent piece, but they have brought a lot to the table to get under its audience’s skin,

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Sharp Teeth Films’ director Joey Leung was delighted to share the news of the UK release. He says, “At Sharp Teeth Films, we love supporting independent directors. Adrian Langley is one to watch, having co-written and directed this refresh on a story that horror fans will be very familiar with.

We are also proud to be releasing this in the UK, with a strong British and Irish cast starring in the film. Butchers will undoubtedly broaden the appeal over here, especially with Simon Phillips from the White Collar Hooligan franchise playing a menacing Canadian cannibal!”

Coinciding with National Butchers Week, Butchers will be available on DVD from 8th March (& Digital Download from 22nd February)

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