Documentary about Ann Hui, Keep Rolling premiering in the UK and Ireland

Documentary about Ann Hui, Keep Rolling premiering in the UK and Ireland

Documentary about Hong Kong Director Ann Hui, Keep Rolling to be Premiered in the UK and Ireland

Keep Rolling movie review: Ann Hui documentary is a must-see for Hong Kong  movie fans in this surprisingly funny portrait | South China Morning Post

A rare opportunity to learn about Ann Hui’s career and her personality, a London Film School alumna and a transformative figure in Hong Kong cinema. In 2020, Ann Hui was presented the Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement Award by the 77th Venice International Film Festival, alongside actress Tilda Swindon.

Venice International Film Festival Director Alberto Barbera stated: “Ann Hui is one of Asia’s most respected, prolific, and versatile directors of our times; her career spans four decades and touches every film genre. From the outset, she has been acknowledged as one of the pivotal figures of the so-called Hong Kong New Wave – the film movement which revolutionized Hong Kong’s movies during the 1970s and ’80s, transforming the cosmopolitan city into one of the most energetic, creative centers of the decade. She has been one of the first directors on the Hong Kong scene to bring documentary material into fiction films. In a trailblazing fashion, through her language and her unique visual style, not only has she captured the specific aspects of the city and the imagination of Hong Kong, she has also transposed and translated them into a universal perspective.”

For the first time, director Ann Hui becomes a “star” in Man Lim Chung’s directorial debut, Keep Rollin (2020), the first documentary ever made about the auteur. Keep Rolling will be premiered online as part of “Hong Kong, Reimagined”, a curated section at Chinese Cinema Season. A forerunner of the New Wave, Hui’s tumultuous, forty-year career is an unequivocal testimony to her unyielding dedication to filmmaking, and her expedition into the metamorphic city. This biopic probes into the acclaimed director’s idiosyncratic world, where we witness her rashness and goofiness, as well as her humanistic concerns for the everyday nobodies which make her films so moving.



dir. Man Lim Chung | 2020 | 111 mins | Documentary | Cantonese| Hong Kong SAR

Premiere Date: April 27 Screening Date: April 27 – May 12

Q&A with director Man Lim Chung on May 1, 13:00 BST

Chinese Cinema Season (Feb 12 – May 12) is the largest online showcase of Chinese-language cinema in the UK and Europe, co-presented by Trinity CineAsia, Filming East Festival and UK-China Film Collab. | Festival Website:

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