GHOSTWATCH Available on Limited Edition Blu-ray 31st October 2022

GHOSTWATCH Available on Limited Edition Blu-ray 31st October 2022

101 Films presents Ghostwatch (1992), a BBC production that terrified Britain on 31st October 1992. Despite being part of BBC Drama’s Screen One series, the presence of trusted presenters, along with the quality of the production, convinced thousands of people that the events depicted on screen were genuine, and taking place live. Title 028 on the 101 Films Black Label and making its worldwide Blu-ray debut, this 30th anniversary edition includes a new documentary on the making of Ghostwatch, a new
commentary, limited edition packaging featuring newly commissioned artwork, a booklet with new writing on the film and more.

An inspiration to a generation of filmmakers, and years ahead of the profusion of found footage movies that would follow, Ghostwatch is regarded as a classic of the genre and remains as relevant, as terrifying, and as inspirational today.

Sarah Greene and Craig Charles report from a reputedly haunted London home for the outside broadcast, while Michael Parkinson and Mike Smith stay in the warmth and “safety” of a BBC studio. The Early family are allegedly being harassed by the ghost ‘Pipes’, so named as his banging and crashing were initially attributed to bad plumbing.

After a deliberately slow start the tension gradually builds, culminating in a terrifying crescendo. Although entirely fictional, the masterly combination of great scripting, intuitive direction and perfect casting made the supernatural pastiche appear frighteningly real.

Special Features:
• ‘Do You Believe In Ghosts?’, a brand new 30th anniversary documentary on the Ghostwatch
• Commentary with film historians Shellie McMurdo and Stella Gaynor
• Commentary with writer Stephen Volk, producer Ruth Baumgarten and director Lesley Manning
• Shooting Reality by Lesley Manning
• Limited Edition Booklet: Includes ‘Extra Sensory Perception Management’ by Sarah Appleton,
‘Ghostwatch – As it Happened’ by Tim Murray and short story ‘31/10’ by Ghostwatch writer Stephen
• Reproduced script, annotated by director Lesley Manning
• Set of six art cards
• Newly commissioned artwork

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About 101 Films
101 Films is one of the largest independent distributors of film in the UK. Founded in 2011 and acquired by Amcomri Media Group in 2016, it remains one of the UK’s fastest growing independent entertainment brands, having acquired over 1,000 movies. In addition to its slate of new and modern movies for all rights, 101 Films’ Black and Red physical imprint continues to reinvent, restore and re-release cult and classic films on Blu Ray. 101 Films distributes across all forms of media: physical, digital, TV, SVOD and AVOD.

101 Films Black Label
101 Films is committed to seeking out cult and catalogue movies and giving them the best releases possible. With their Black Label, 101 Films is curating a numbered series of limited editions, complete with original or newly commissioned artwork and extensive extras. The Black Label is dedicated to fully doing justice to the very best cult and classic films from some of cinema’s most renowned directors, and unearthing hidden gems in luxury packages for the first time in the UK. The first 3,000 copies of each title come complete with a slipcase, and include a booklet featuring newly written material.

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