New Latin Cinema Streaming Platform Arrives At Universities on Hispanic Heritage Month

New Latin Cinema Streaming Platform Arrives At Universities on Hispanic Heritage Month

Pragda, the leading educational distributor of films from the Hispanic world, presents Pragda STREAM, the new educational streaming service that provides the most comprehensive catalog of Latinx, Latin American, and Spanish content in the world. The site will be live for streaming by September 15, 2023, and is set to reach 500 titles by the end of 2023, available worldwide.

Partnering with universities and educational institutions, the new educational streamer presents a curated selection that encompasses acclaimed films, classic restorations, award-winning documentaries, short films, and series from over 30 countries in the Latin territory.

“It is virtually impossible to visit a college classroom that doesn’t include native Spanish speakers or non-native speakers studying Spanish. The paramount importance of Hispanic culture, the Spanish language, and the broad and rich diversity of Latin America are inescapable facets not only of the U.S. university landscape but also of the entire world,” says Marta Sanchez, Founder of Pragda STREAM.

Pragda STREAM is powered by educational streaming platform Docuseek, which will handle sales and developed the platform for easy integration. The addition of Pragda STREAM advances Docuseek’s commitment to making the best in social issues and independent film available.

Alex Hoskyns-Abrahall, President of Docuseek, says of the partnership, “Pragda is an increasingly vital resource in the film landscape, particularly for education. It is past time to center the second-most spoken language in the U.S. in film on a streaming platform, but more importantly, to center stories from underrepresented communities

and cultures in their own voices. We are thrilled to partner with Pragda, whose commitment to diversity in education is foundational to who they are.”

New titles will be added to Pragda STREAM on a quarterly basis, many of which are not available for streaming on any other platforms. With this expansive library, a sampling of these films includes the best-selling films “Miriam Miente” (Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada), “Pelo Malo” (Mariana Rondón), and “Los Lobos” (Samuel Kishi Leopo); fully restored classics such as the Mexican cult film “La Llorona” (Rene Cardona) and “El Santo Saga” from Archivo Permanencia Voluntaria; award-winning films from PBS, groundbreaking experimental and avant-garde works never available before, as well as multi-awarded series like “Illicit Trade” (Diego Breit Lira) and “The Dangerous Memory” (Laura Faerman, Marina Weis); and numerous acclaimed works from filmmakers like Victor Gaviria, Andres Woods, Sergio Cabrera, and newcomers Adrián Silvestre and Claudia Huaiquimilla, among others.

PRAGDA is the leading educational film distributor for the newest Latin American, Spanish, and Latinx cinema, covering a wide array of the most relevant topics, including the global economy, immigration and exile, feminism, education, international politics, indigenous peoples, and more. The Spanish Film Club initiative provides grants to universities to support the organization of film festivals on their campuses.

Docuseek streams essential independent, social-issue and environmental documentaries to colleges and universities, providing exclusive access to content from Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films (including The Fanlight Collection and dGenerate Films), Women Make Movies, Kartemquin Films, National Film Board of Canada, First Run Features, KimStim, First Hand Films, MediaStorm, Scorpion TV, Terra Nova Films, Viewpoint Productions, Film Movement, Deckert Distribution, The Films of Anand Patwardhan, Cinétévé, Tecolote Films, Strange Attractions, Clarity Films, AndanaFilms, 371 Productions, Dutch CORE, Autlook, Collective Eye Films, Distrib Films, GOOD DOCS, and Global Environmental Justice Documentaries.

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