Small Gauge Trauma Shorts – Fantasia Fest 2021

Ten fantastic films from seven countries, we are spoilt for choice in a collection that allows each film to bring something different to the audience. All of these filmmakers have a very bright future.

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Hellbender ★★★ 3/4 Fantasia Fest 2021

A confident coming of age horror that focuses more on the ever-changing dynamic between parent and child. The Adams family has made a very surprisingly effective film in Hellbender. One that does so much right and very little wrong – a fantastically refreshing film. Teenager Izzy (Zelda Adams) lives a

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Glasshouse ★★★★ 1/2 – Fantasia Fest 2021

With Glasshouse, Kelsey Egan has conjured a beautifully haunting film. This dystopian fairytale weaves quite a tragic tale highlighted by the excellent performances and strong use of storytelling. Egan marks herself out as a filmmaker to watch out for. A dementia induced toxin known as the Shred has enveloped the

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