Wonder Woman 1984 move & what it means for 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 move & what it means for 2020

Tenet did not pull in enough money to appease the film studio Gods in it’s opening week. Thus it has caused the start of a very busy period of reshuffling of theatrical dates. Starting with Wonder Woman 1984 moving all the way to Christmas Day. But, what does that mean for the rest of the big releases this year and beyond?

Other movies will be moving thanks to Wonder Woman 1984

As thought by many Wonder Woman 1984 is going to move to Christmas. Warner Bros have stated that Dune is still staying at December 18th. It’s a bold move to keep it in the same spot and hope that WW84 doesn’t take business from it. If it does move which at this point still seems like then I think Dune will be moving. We also have to think that they want to get consideration for the 2021 Oscars. So a move to January as competition is a little light at the minute there. But who knows? They could push it further back and just give up on next years Oscar and plump for 2022.

Soul is in the most complicated situation as it is almost a dead cert for Best Animation at the 2021 Oscars as long as it is released and it needs to be released in cinemas as it is also the film that could be the one that brings in families to cinemas between now and Christmas. I can’t see it being kept for VOD as it is one of those films that looks as if it needs to be released theatrically. Fingers crossed it is!

Scarlett Johansson's New Black Widow Photo Has Me Starting To Get Pumped  For The Movie Again - CINEMABLEND

Black Widow is getting into a precarious position with its date, do Disney stick and hope to all that is holy that by November numbers keep going up? Or do they hold it back? Or to the solution no one on Earth really wants, do they put the film on Disney Plus and release in cinemas later? It is a tough situation for them, as it is evident that they want the film released in cinemas and they have hopes of it doing well as there is an obvious franchise there if it is successful. A few tough decisions to come these next couple of weeks. At what point is it too late to pull or move?

Was Tenet the right film to be the barometer?

This question has to be asked, as while Tenet would have performed well. It was never going to light the world on fire as no Christopher Nolan film outside of the Batman series has done anything of note in the Domestic box office. I would have assumed that that Tenet would have got around $250m domestically at best under normal circumstances. Which is not what films like WW84, Black Widow and even Soul would have been aiming for. They would have been going for something a lot higher in their estimates.

If a blockbuster sticks to their date and as of writing that is only going to be Black Widow as it is almost the last one left for the year. Will Disney pin their hopes on people coming out to the cinema (even in this staggered form) to support Black Widow as its box office numbers have to be a far sight higher than Tenet. It is a risky move. But, I would stick with it and if after a week or two it performs too poorly. Then if need be move it to Disney Plus. At this point, the Eternals slot is most likely to be the one Black Widow goes for if it is delayed again. I say take the risk. Anything released this year has an excuse effectively and Marvel would not be afraid to give it another cinema run down the line.

In truth we know whats happening and it is bad for cinemas

Everything is effectively getting pushed back a year it is inevitable at this point. Whatever was meant to be out next year could very well be 2022 now. It is an odd situation, but one that is probably the best for studios. For cinemas however it is an utter nightmare. For the foreseeable it is possible that indie films will support cinemas with older films being brought back to bring in audiences. But, Disney needs to play ball and stop freezing out their films (and Fox’s) from cinemas to play ball here.

It is essential that if there are no big releases until Christmas that studios are fair and support them. No one wants a VOD world, lets get it going folks!

Well that’s all we have on this at the minute. What do you think about Wonder Woman 1984 and it’s move? What is going to happen with these releases?

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