2022 Academy Awards Nomination Breakdown

2022 Academy Awards Nomination Breakdown

Well the Academy Award Nominations have been and gone, did you try and predict any? How did you do? We are going to have a breakdown of what has been nominated with the added bonus of seeing how well I did in having a guess!

My Best Picture Predictions

Belfast, Don’t Look Up, Licorice Pizza, The Power of the Dog, King Richard, CODA, C’mon C’mon, Drive My Car 

Actual Best Picture Nominations

Belfast, CODA, Don’t Look Up, Drive My Car, Dune, King Richard, Licorice Pizza, Nightmare Alley, The Power of the Dog, West Side Story

7/10 Correct

Listen, for most of these nominations it was a fairly easy guess and there haven’t been many true snubs this year. Am I happy that Don’t Look Up has a nomination for Best Picture? No, of course not, but there are positives, CODA and Drive My Car are there and that has got to be a win, regardless of what is there that shouldn’t be.

My Best Actor Predictions

Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Garfield, Denzel Washington, Peter Dinklage, Will Smith  

Actual Best Actor Nominations

Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Smith, Andrew Garfield, Denzel Washington, Javier Bardem 

4/5 – 11/15 Correct

This was a bit more of an easier one to guess as for 4 of the actors it was pretty locked in I went with Dinklage over Bardem, but it didn’t turn out that way sadly. Although I didn’t really rate The Tragedy of Macbeth, Washington was great in it and as said, no real surprises here.

My Best Actress Predictions

Nicole Kidman, Olivia Colman, Penélope Cruz, Renate Reinsve, Kristen Stewart 

Actual Best Actress Nominations

Jessica Chastain, Olivia Colman, Penélope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Stewart

4/5 – 15/20 Correct

Another that doesn’t really bring up many surprises, Reinsve was always an outside bet at getting in over someone like Chastain, though it is still disappointing for her not to get the deserved nomination. People will be happy with Stewart, though really this is probably Kidman’s to lose now.

My Best Supporting Actor Predictions

Ciarán Hinds, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Bradley Cooper, Troy Kotsur, Jason Isaacs 

Actual Best Supporting Actor Nominations

Ciarán Hinds, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Troy Kotsur, Jesse Plemons, J.K. Simmons

3/5 – 18/25 Correct

There was  a lot of hope for Isaacs, but a theory going around is that his and Dowds we seen just as much as Leads as Supporting which possibly sideswiped their chances. (Something that will come up very soon). Plemmons was solid, but not exceptional, so his and Simmons nominations while not unexpected, are flat. Congrats to Troy Kotsur though, it is such a special moment for him!

My Best Supporting Actress Predictions

Caitríona Balfe, Ariana DeBose, Kirsten Dunst, Jessie Buckley, Ruth Negga 

Actual Best Supporting Actress Nominations

Jessie Buckley, Aunjanue Ellis, Judi Dench, Kirsten Dunst, Ariana DeBose 

3/5 – 21/30 Correct

The big surprise is Balfe not getting in and with Dench coming instead of her. It is that theory that voters saw Balfe as the lead actress, so she would have lost a tonne of votes because of it for Supporting. Dench kind of mystifies me but alas, what can you do? The rest are more than deserving of their nominations with DeBose the favourite.

My Best Director Predictions

Jane Campion, Steven Spielberg, Paul Thomas Anderson, Denis Villeneuve, Ryûsuke Hamaguchi 

Actual Best Director Nominations

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jane Campion, Kenneth Branagh, Steven Spielberg 

4/5 – 25/35 Correct

Thank goodness Hamaguchi got his nomination, though Branagh getting in instead of Villeneuve is sad, but again…. Not unexpected, Belfast did zero for me and while I felt Dune should have ended a solid 40 minutes beforehand, it was still a very well directed film. The rest of the nominations are not outlandish with it all feeling rather safe… If there is a word for all of these nominations, safe is it.

My Best Editing Predictions

Licorice Pizza, Dune, The Power of the Dog, Belfast, Summer of Soul 

Actual Best Editing Nominations

Don’t Look Up, Dune, King Richard, The Power of the Dog, Tick, Tick … Boom

I mean I knew Summer of Soul would not get the nom it so rightfully deserved, but some of these choices are downright offensive… Don’t Look Up? Nope, Dune and The Power of the Dog should not be there in the slightest, but here we are, the worst category of guesses for me, as I had hoped for some sort of boldness in the editing. Ah well!

1/5 – 26/40 Correct

My Best Original Screenplay Predictions

Belfast, Don’t Look Up, Licorice Pizza, King Richard, C’mon C’mon 

Actual Best Original Screenplay Nominations

Belfast, Don’t Look Up, King Richard, Licorice Pizza, The Worst Person in the World

4/5 – 30/45 Correct

Can’t over complain about getting so many right, but again I didn’t want Belfast and Don’t Look Up in there, however I knew they would be. Very happy to see The Worst Person in the World in despite it taking C’mon C’mon’s spot.

My Best Adapted Screenplay Predictions

CODA, The Lost Daughter, The Power of the Dog, West Side Story, Drive My Car 

Actual Best Adapted Screenplay Nominations

CODA, The Lost Daughter, Drive My Car, Dune, The Power of The Dog

4/5 – 34/50 Correct

What a lovely surprise to see so many of the big tentpole Oscar films not fill in this slot, CODA? The Lost Daughter? Drive My Car? I had hoped that they would get in, but never fully expected it. The Power of the Dog kind of ruins it, but that’s okay, we can call this one a win!

My Best International Film Predictions

Drive My Car, Flee, The Worst Person in the World, A Hero, Playground 

Actual Best International Film Predictions

Drive My Car, Flee, The Hand of God, Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom, The Worst Person in the World

3/5 – 37/55 Correct

Always a tough one to predict, though having not seen Lunana, I can’t really compare it to Playground which I loved. The Hand of God was always going to be there or there abouts and it leaves us with a titillating guess on who will win!

My Best Cinematography Predictions

Dune, The Tragedy of Macbeth, The Power of the Dog, West Side Story, Nightmare Alley 

Actual Best Cinematography Nominations

Dune, Nightmare Alley. The Power of the Dog, The Tragedy of Macbeth, West Side Story

5/5 – 42/60 Correct

Sweeped it! Happy times for us all! This seemed fairly set if you thought of which favourites the Academy were going to favour, happy to see I was not wrong, but still a little disappointed at what could have been for some other films.

My Best Production Design Nominations

Nightmare Alley, Cyrano, West Side Story, Cruella, Dune 

Actual Best Production Design Nominations

Dune, Nightmare Alley, The Power of the Dog, The Tragedy of Macbeth, West Side Story

3/5 – 45/65 Correct

The more obvious productions for the nods on this one, perhaps optimistic to think Cruella and Cyrano would sneak in there, but nothing entirely new came out of this list as they were all heavy hitters for this category.

My Best Sound Predictions

West Side Story, Last Night in Soho, Tick, Tick … Boom, Dune, The Power of the Dog 

Actual Best Sound Nominations

Belfast, Dune, No Time To Die, The Power of the Dog, West Side Story

3/5 – 48/70 Correct

Very Surprised at Tick, Tick … Boom not getting a nomination here, I can only assume No Time to Die got a nom for care tyre screeches and sounds of guns discharging, otherwise huh? Not going to lie I am still annoyed at there just being one category for Sound nowadays when Original Song exists…

My Best Costume Design Predictions

Cruella, Cyrano, West Side Story, Nightmare Alley, The French Dispatch 

Actual Best Costume Design Nominations

Cruella, Cyrano, Dune, Nightmare Alley, West Side Story

4/5 – 52/75 Correct

I think it would have been harder to get the majority of these wrong honestly, I had a toss up between The French Dispatch and Dune for that final spot, so not a surprise to see Dune get in. Cruella’s to lose surely…

My Best Original Score Predictions

The Power of the Dog, Encanto, Dune, The French Dispatch, Being the Ricardos 

Actual Best Original Score Nominations

Don’t Look Up, Dune, Encanto, Parallel Mothers, The Power of the Dog

3/5 – 55/80 Correct

This was always going to be a tight race between 8 different scores and it seems Don’t Look Up snuck another nom into their bag. Not a true snub or robbery, but it certainly in my eyes took the place of a better score from The French Dispatch.

My Best Documentary Feature Predictions

Summer of Soul, Flee, The Rescue, Attica, The First Wave 

Actual Best Documentary Feature Nominations

Ascension, Attica, Flee, Summer of Soul, Writing With Fire

3/5 – 58/85 Correct

The First Wave and The Rescue are the victims in this one, very much deserving nods for those that replaced it, though for me it is still a two way battle between Flee and Summer of Soul for the win. Something in me has Summer of Soul winning for one very good reason…

My Best Animated Feature Predictions

Belle, Encanto, Flee, Luca, The Mitchells vs The Machines 

Actual Best Animated Feature Nominations

Encanto, Flee, Luca, The Mitchells vs. the Machines, Raya and the Last Dragon

4/5 – 62/90 Correct

I had suspected Belle wasn’t going to get in, but for Raya and the Last Dragon? That is some silliness no? This is a tough one to pick from, but as said above, I think Flee will capture this one to allow Summer of Soul get the Documentary prize, lets see if the Academy are in a sharing mood!

My Best Visual Effects Predictions

Dune, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Godzilla vs Kong, Free Guy, Ghostbusters: Afterlife 

Actual Best Visual Effects Nominations

Dune, Free Guy, No Time to Die, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Spider-Man: No Way Home

3/5 – 65/95 Correct

One of those occasions where my fantasy pick got into the main listing! Lets break this down shall we? Godzilla vs Kong was so much amazing visual effects that is should most certainly have swapped away little Bond. Free Guy was creative and great with its effects, thus why it earned the slot. Ghostbusters and Matrix had quite sketchy effects at times and should not have been near! So bar one inclusion and me thinking that the Academy would go for Ghostbusters, this went as expected. For some reason they just hate Kaiju.

My Best Makeup and Hairstyling Predictions

Cruella, Coming 2 America, House of Gucci, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Dune 

Actual Best Makeup and Hairstyling Nominations

Coming 2 America, Cruella, Dune, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, House of Gucci

5/5 – 70/100 Correct

A wonderful sweep! Though you never really had to look too hard to get this one right as for the majority it had been coming for them, with the effects make up in House of Gucci and The Eyes of Tammy Faye, they were going to get it, add in the work done in Dune, it was nailed on. Cruella had its nom from what March? The only uncertainty was Coming 2 America for that final spot.

My Best Animation Short Predictions

Us Again, Affairs of the Art, Namoo, Robin Robin, Bestia 

Actual Best Animation Short Nominations

Bestia, Affairs of the Art, Boxballet, Robin Robin, The Windshield Wiper

3/5 – 73/105 Correct

My Best Documentary Short Predictions

The Queen of Basketball, When We Were Bullies, Lead Me Home, A Broken House 

Actual Best Documentary Short Nominations

Audible, Lead Me Home, The Queen of Basketball, Three Songs for Benazir, When We Were Bullies

3/5 – 76/110 Correct

My Best Live-Action Short Predictions

The Long Goodbye, Tala’vision, The Dress, Under the Heavens, Please Hold. 

Actual Best Live-Action Short Nominations

Ala Kachuu, The Dress, The Long Goodbye, On My Mind, Please Hold

3/5 – 79/115 Correct

Having only seen so many of these it was hard to predict and seeing as a lot that I have seen were not placed into the final shortlist it made this tricky, all I can say from what I have seen that The Long Goodbye deserves the world!

Total 79/115 (No predictions for Best Original Song)

Not too shabby I think! I could have fluffed up the end total by guessing some for Best Original Song, but I went against it. 36 wrong in total, which can’t be too bad right? Did any of you try and guess the noms? How did you do?

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