Films to worried about in 2020

Films to worried about in 2020

2020 brings us many hopes and dreams and we will get into those soon, but for today, sadly we have to talk about the films that may struggle in cinemas. There are many and there are various reasons beyond “looks bad” so stick with us and see if you agree. 

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The Grudge

Well, the reviews are already out and jeez are they worrying! It looks like a disaster of a film and as I stated in the January preview, you would be better off just sticking with the originals instead of watching any of the US remakes. Far more enjoyable. Though, it has to be said that none of the trailers made the film look as if it would or even could be any way good. Lin Shaye is now maybe too much of a staple in horror films that she has probably diluted the promise of the films she is now in because she is seen simply too much in the genre.

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The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle

That trailer is a shocker and the fact that little else has come out regarding it tells you all you need to know. This is Downey Jr’s first furor post Avengers and while it is a bold move, it does appear to be an unwise one. There is just too much going on. This could, in theory, be a franchise and it may not get out the gate because they packed too much in the first film. Go simple reap rewards.

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Brahm: The Boy 2

Were there really people clambering for this? Not a great trailer and not a film I can see performing well.

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Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Or as it probably should have been called “Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey”. I wasn’t overly worried about the film until that second trailer dropped last week. For me, nothing clicked, it just seemed off. I still cannot quite put my finger on it really. But I will try.

I had hoped we would have gotten more of the Birds of Prey as really at this point we do not need to see any more of Harley Quinn. We know what she is about and what she is like, whereas we know nothing in a film context about the rest of her motley crew. Sure they get some spots here and there, but this is very much the Harley show and the film will live and die on how much fans like Harley as a lead or as a character in an ensemble.

Worryingly most of all was the fact that the trailer did not trend for long and with it’s February release date will that trailer be enough to persuade people to come out? I am not sure and this is very much one of those where I hope the film is awesome and I will plan to see it, but jeez it shot itself in the foot with that trailer.

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The New Mutants

It has been delayed for so long and the planned reshoots never happened. It makes me worried, I hope I am wrong as a horror comic book film is just the ticket at the minute to help freshen up the genre, but the delays do give cause for worry.

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Fast and Furious 9

Did Hobbs and Shaw steal all the power from Vin Diesels engine? That remains to be seen with the 9th installment of the franchise. Will it be fun? Without a doubt, whether it is good or not remains to be seen. Not much has been shared yet and we are only 5 months out. Can the film bounce by just focusing on Diesel? Lots of questions floating around on this one.

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Artemis Fowl

An underwhelming trailer coupled with a yearlong delay presumably because of the purchase of Fox by Disney has probably left poor Artemis Fowl in no man’s land and in need of a big push to get the buzz going again. Worry grows the longer information doesn’t come out about the film.

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The Purge: Survival

Nope. While I liked the Purge films (still no idea why anyone worried about their lifes wouldn’t just bugger off to a different country for a couple of days to get away instead of locking themselves in their home where people who dislike them may find them) this is needless now. It ended well, sometimes it is okay to end something folks.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife

I wasn’t sold on it and really unless you just do a straight reboot this isn’t going to fly. This looks like Stranger Things and currently from the trailer Stranger Things did it better… I hope to be wrong, but the teaser trailer didn’t tease enough or showed too much depending on who you talk to.

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The King’s Man

Another in the box of not asked or needed. The franchise has assuredly ended and it would be wiser to let it go than to have this prequel. Not much makes sense or even tried to make sense. A shame and really one that a lot of people will just downright avoid unless it is quiet during its release date.

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Death on the Nile

I don’t know what black magic made Murder on the Orient Express profitable but it sure as hell came back to bring us a sequel. Jesus wept no.

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Godzilla vs Kong

I really liked Godzilla and it looked and sounded beautiful. A really great score if we are honest. But… Do we really need to see this? Apparently, there will be a definitive winner and unless it is the creature that can literally use fire and more on its opponent, it’s a sham.

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West Side Story

I am sure it will be grand and all that. But jeez I just don’t enjoy Ansel Elgort in the slightest. Literally, nothing else to add on that one. Do we need this adaption though? It seems like an adaptation to purely cater for over 50’s and the young cast will struggle to bring in the audience it needs to succeed.

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Haha, who are we kidding, this is never getting made.

What do you think? Are there any films you would add? Do you disagree with our list? Let us know below!

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