First Thoughts: A Quiet Place Part II Teaser Trailer

First Thoughts: A Quiet Place Part II Teaser Trailer

A Quiet Place was an undeniable hit and in truth was robbed of some well-deserved award nominations during the last awards season. This teaser was playing in front of Black Christmas, so some poor versions of it were online. Now we get a nice and clear look at it. Yay! Another win for Paramount. It’s been a good week for them with the new Top Gun: Maverick Trailer dropping too.

John Krasinski has returned to direct the sequel, so at least we get him back in some form! Let’s have a look at the teaser now…

Our first thoughts are that a few things have been revealed, but those that have been, are very telling.

First off the film is kicking off either right after the events of the last film or a couple of months after as the Abbott family still have their very young infant baby with them. Which will of course in their world, cause a lot of issues. What has caused them to be on the move?

The second thing we noticed, which to be fair is pretty obvious is that they are having to go beyond their normal path. What will lie ahead for them out there in the true openness?

The poster (below) reveals possibly where the family is going. Is there safety in an old what looks to be a mining facility? Surely there are a lot of things there that can cause sounds and attract the monsters to them.

Our final take away from the teaser trailer is that it was a proper teaser trailer. Nowadays teasers are around 2 minutes long and give a lot of the first trailer away. This is a swift 30 seconds and gets you pumped for New Years Day for the full trailer. That is what you want and it is good to see Krasinski go back to this. Even if we want to break it down for hours!

With our appetite truly whetted, New Years Day cannot come any sooner.


A Quiet Place will be released on the 20th March 2020. No year-long trailer adverts for this one! (Thank goodness)

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