First Thoughts and breakdown: The Batman trailer

First Thoughts and breakdown: The Batman trailer

Overall a very good trailer and in fact one that was so good that there doesn’t actually need to be another trailer. We know there will be of course, but how much more do they need to show to bring audiences to theatres?

We, of course, go down the dark route that is typical of a Batman film, and thus far everyone seems to be cast well, with Colin Farrell’s appearance being the most noteworthy from this trailer. So much so in fact that when you realise who it is underneath all of that makeup that you don’t really focus on Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne.

Interestingly we barely see Wayne in the film when he is not under the cowl. I had the belief that it would be the other way around. This tells us one thing. Warner Brothers are very pleased with this film so far, otherwise, they would not show nearly as much of the Dark Knight as we saw here. Though, from what we see of Wayne he does have a very natural look in comparison to the slicked-back hair we have seen previously.

Already from this trailer alone, we are able to break away from Jim Carrey’s Riddler, with the more serious route. We also see the main players of the piece without overindulging us on the rest of the story. Though it is apparent that we are indeed going down the detective route that has been much requested from audiences.

It also makes sense that the Riddler is an apparent serial killer, which is much more suited to “real world” comic universe that exists here. Dano is a great choice for the role due to his physicality as an actor, especially if he is going to be wearing a mask throughout the film. This is our main villain for the film which is pleasing as although we see glimpses of Penguin and Catwoman, they are not obvious as the centre points of Batman’s focus.

When we look at the trailer it is curious that usually Batman is working with Gordon and then a few other officers, yet here it seems all squads are working with Batman for a short time at least as we see the police firing at Batman later on in the film. Is this due to the current corrupt Police Commissioner? We will have to wait and see.

From what we see, this “Batcave” is far more of a solo project style base than Nolan’s films that seemed to be full of technology that would be hard to disguise from contractors on why it existed in the way it did. Here it is messy and rough looking and far more akin to what you would expect from a hidden bunker, even if it is owned by a billionaire.

A very curious note is that the gang that Batman fights are quite similar to the Jokerz who were the Jokers gang. Could this mean that the Joker is already working in Gotham by the start of this film? If so there are rumours that despite Warner Bros saying that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Pattinson’s Batman being in different universes that a backup is seeded here in case they need to integrate the two universes together. This would actually make a little bit of sense as it would allow an older Joker to be running a tad wild on Gotham long before Bruce puts on the cowl. It is always good to have a backup after all.

As said at the start, this was an excellent trailer and hopefully, we only see a little more from the filmmakers over the next year before release.

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