Oscars 2020 results breakdown

Hello there! Apologies if this is all over the place, but I am running on two and a bit hours sleep and I had to get this all out of my head now! The Oscars threw up some wonderful surprises, but for the most part, it was what everyone expected.

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Oscar 2020 predictions

We are finally here, after what has felt like a million award shows, we are at the big one. For a lot of these categories, it feels like a foregone conclusion as almost all have gone the same way. Will that happen this time? Weirder things have happened in that

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Whats out in January (UK)

Welcome to a new month, a new year and a new decade of cinema. Will any of these films be remembered 10 years from now? Who knows, but we have some Oscar contenders to look at as we stride further into awards season. Let’s have a look at what’s out

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