Whats out in January (UK)

Whats out in January (UK)

Welcome to a new month, a new year and a new decade of cinema. Will any of these films be remembered 10 years from now? Who knows, but we have some Oscar contenders to look at as we stride further into awards season. Let’s have a look at what’s out in cinemas in January.

Jojo Rabbit – 1st January

Not as well received thus far by critics elsewhere as it would like, but it has the audience on its side, so depending on who you trust will depend on your likelihood of seeing the film. It did grab Golden Globe nominations which will have boosted its notoriety, plus it has a great cast. The idea may be flawed, but the performances are key to the film’s success.

The Gentleman – 1st January

Guy Ritchie returns to a genre he invigorated. This time he has brought an all-star cast with him, with the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell, Henry Golding and someone who seemed to love every second of his role Hugh Grant. Reviews have been very mixed on this one with those celebrating Ritchie’s return, but not falling in love with the entire piece.

1917 – 10th January

The general idea of 1917 is brutal, to make it look as if it is one continuous event will have its audience in awe at the technical achievements being presented before their eyes. The film will feel alive, but whether the story can carry the visuals is one we will have to wait and see, though early reviews are immensely positive.

Bad Boys for Life – 17th January

Whether or not we needed a third Bad Boys film remains to be seen, but from the trailer above, it looks as if it will be a good time and it is nice to see Smith be more adult as it is a direction he does not go to often enough. In a month of seriousness, this should be the film to help lighten the mood for cinema-goers.

Bombshell – 17th January

The worry I have for Bombshell is that it is and was released at exactly the wrong time its theme. With the politics going on in the USA, UK and throughout the world, things have gotten a little jaded and cynical and I fear that Bombshell could very much take the hit with audiences on this side of the pond who will believe the film is good, but may not do well box office wise, which is a shame as all three performances look so strong.

Just Mercy – 17th January

There are going to be very few faults in Just Mercy as it looks brilliant, the reviews have been very strong as well as audience thoughts. Sadly due to the field this year it may not receive the big nominations it deserves, but that could be due to its release making it just about eligible for Academy Award consideration. It is a true shame and maybe a missed opportunity for it not to be released later this year to make more of an impact with audiences as January is far too packed this year.

The Personal History of David Copperfield – 24th January

A film that I fear due to what’s out around it will get swallowed up and forgotten about. There is not much being released in its weekend, but with so many films coming out, will be seeing the ones they missed instead of this? Which could be the biggest shame of the month. If you need something calming, consider it.

A Beautiful Day in The Neighbourhood – 31st January

This film is the real fear for David Copperfield. A week after it’s release there are 5 films out and one is about as close to feelgood as you can get. Although we may not know him as well as our North American cousins, we do know Tom Hanks and he will bring in a large audience, but it does have competition…

Richard Jewell – 31st January

Well received all around by both critics and audiences yet neglected at the box office. Richard Jewell again will stutter here as the weekend is simply just too packed with other films. The controversy with Olivia Wilde’s character will have hurt the film as well. Time will tell on the 31st on how it does.

The Grudge – 31st January

I simply cannot imagine why this was remade… Again. With everything that is out this week, it will be very hard for this film to separate itself from the back. Though I imagine because it is a horror and there have not been any horrors for a while it could do well. But I very much doubt it. I assume people should watch Ju-On instead…

The Lighthouse – 31st January

This will probably be the hardest to pitch to the family if you are wanting a film to see to finish off the first month of the decade, but it is the one that everyone should see. The performances are unfathomably strong and will be one that will only better with repeat viewings. A must-see.

The Rhythm Section – 31st January

I enjoyed the hell out of this trailer and I think it will find an audience, even in such a crowded market, though I wonder why it was given a January release when it feels like it could do so much better with a bit more open space. Hopefully, this isn’t a case of the studio dumping the film due to issues with it.

That’s all for this month, does anything stick out for you? Is there any film not on the list that you are looking forward to? Let us know! Until next time.

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