Oscars 2020 results breakdown

Oscars 2020 results breakdown

Hello there! Apologies if this is all over the place, but I am running on two and a bit hours sleep and I had to get this all out of my head now! The Oscars threw up some wonderful surprises, but for the most part, it was what everyone expected. Let’s break it down!

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Best Picture Winner – Parasite

1917 had every bit of the momentum in the run-up to the 92nd Academy Awards, but on the night Parasite ran through almost everyone and with each win, brought a bigger question. Will it do it? Is it possible? Then Jane Fonda read out the name and everyone was happy. The best film of the year actually won Best Picture for a change. The world can sometimes be good!

My prediction – 1917 (Happily wrong),  My score – 0/1

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Best Director Winner – Bong Joon Ho

I think this was the turning point where everyone’s hopes raised to unprecedented levels. It was a no-contest really, Scorsese made the same film he has been making for years, Phillips Joker, while good (in my opinion) wasn’t going to win. Mendes had the best shout and that was why he was a lot of people’s favourite as they went with who the academy likes. Tarantino… Well, I am just not as big a fan of Once Upon a Time as others are. For me, Parasite was the best-directed film out of the contenders. Noam Baumbach and Greta Gerwig would have ran it close though.

My prediction – Bong Joon HoMy score – 1/2

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 Best Actor Winner – Joaquin Phoenix

The acting noms were locks all year and they didn’t ever look like changing this year. From the beginning of awards season to the end they were the same. Phoenix is the entire film (seeing as he is the titular character) There may be a lot of complaints about Joker as a film itself, but no one has complained about the performance of Phoenix and rightly so.

My prediction – Joaquin PhoenixMy score – 2/3

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Best Actress Winner – Renee Zellweger

I have read that people thought that Zellweger’s performance was bland in comparison to her fellow nominee’s. I would argue that it was on par for who she was portraying, it was relatable and not over the top. It was everything that it should have been and needed to be expertly done to be convincing. She convinced and fully deserved the awards, the speech wasn’t the best though…

My prediction – Renne Zellweger, My score – 3/4

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Supporting Actor Winner – Brad Pitt

Best Supporting Actor was an awkward one this year as I would argue that 3 of the 5 nominees should have been considered for Best Actor instead, but studios are savvy. Pitt was great in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and has looked a dead cert from day one.

My prediction – Brad Pitt, My score – 4/5

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Supporting Actress Winner – Laura Dern

It wasn’t a surprise (as most were) and the voters love her, so it was always going home with her. I would argue that from reports and reviews, that she possibly should have been going home with Best Supporting Actress for Little Women instead.

My prediction – Laura Dern, My score – 5/6

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Adapted Screenplay Winner –

Jojo Rabbit

I had gone for Little Women as I thought that that would have been the way to make it up to Greta Gerwig for her snub, but Jojo Rabbit was always the big favourite and the heart ruled over the head this time. I haven’t had a chance to see Jojo Rabbit yet, so I cannot comment on it, but from all accounts, it is very good. Great to see Taika

My prediction – Little Women, My score – 5/7

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Best Original Screenplay Winner – Parasite

As I said in the predictions post, Parasite deserved to win and luckily for us, it did! I really thought they would go with what they usually do and this was actually the case of the head ruling over the heart! This I sense was the moment that triggered the thoughts of what if’s with what Parasite could do on the night.

My prediction – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, My score – 5/8

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Animated Feature Winner – Toy Story 4

It was always going to win, sorry Klaus fans. Pixar and Disney have this category wrapped up every year they put out something strong and it didn’t look like anything was going to change this time around. Though to be fair I enjoyed Toy Story 4 more than I thought I would considering I wasn’t exactly up to date on the franchise.

My prediction – Toy Story 4, My score 6/9

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 International Feature Film Winner – Parasite

As if anything else was going to win Best International film this year, it was a certainty from the get-go and a worthy winner. I have run out of words for Parasite, so I will finish talking about it with this. If you have not seen it because it has subtitles, stop and go and see it when you next have the chance it is well worth your time and while you are at it, then watch Shoplifters, which is a Japanese film, but is terrific and is similar.

My prediction – Parasite, My score – 7/10

Five stars (or subjects) from their Oscar nominated Netflix documentary will be walking the red carpet at tonight's Oscar telecast.

 Best Documentary Winner –

American Factory

I had said that American would probably win this and sadly I was right. I think For Sama is just so much more impactful as a film and if you haven’t caught it, please do so. Whereas, as much as I tried to get away from the feeling, American Factory seemed too well contrived. There are a few murmurings that the fact this was made from Obama’s production company gave it that extra push with voters, but I would like to think otherwise. The first real disappointing result of the night in all honesty.

My prediction – For Sama, My score – 7/11

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Best Cinematography Winner – 1917

One thing that everyone can agree on about 1917 is that it looks beautiful and the fact that it is filmed to look like one continuous journey is amazing. Deakin gets another Oscar, I think he is only owed another 8 now… He still has time to get those if this work is anything to go by.

My prediction – 1917, My score –  8/12

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Best Costume Design Winner –

Little Women

The only thing Little Women won all night was an award for costumes. Fully deserved, yes, but it seems like the film was harshly done by and yet, it won’t be the last time something like this happens during awards seasons to come.

My prediction – Little Women, My score –  9/13

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Best Film Editing Winner – Ford vs Ferrari

Imagine a three and a half-hour film getting nominated for Best Editing, the absolute gall of the Academy to have that happen. You could have taken an hour or so off The Irishman and it would not have made a difference. Usually, films with guns or car action do well in editing and it is the same here. A worthy winner and unexpectantly it wasn’t it’s last win of the night either…

My prediction – Ford vs Ferrari, My score –  10/14

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 Best Makeup and Hairstyling Winner – Bombshell

Bombshell was almost certain to get this as then I think it almost completed the full set bar The Irishman and Marriage Story on films winning awards, so not too many snubs overall. It beat Maleficent and for that, we can all be happy.

My prediction – Bombshell, My score – 11/15

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 Best Original Score Winner – Joker

I reviewed the soundtrack for Joker back in October for Blueprint: Review and I was in love with it even then. The score creates everything in the film and is the perfect accompaniment to the film. Hildur Guðnadóttir winning is important, make no mistake about it and hopefully this further boosts her great career.

My prediction – Joker, My score – 12/16

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 Best Production Design Winner –

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Hollywood loves Hollywood, and that remained the case here for Production Design, though a lot of credit has to go to the team for making 1960s Hollywood so easily come up in front of our eyes. Brilliant work, right down to the smallest of details.

My prediction – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, My score – 13/17

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 Best Sound Editing Winner –

Ford vs Ferrari

It is usually quite hard to predict who will win here and as I said, I had decided to split the winners even though the Academy like to have a film win both. Ford vs Ferrari edged it for me.

My prediction – Ford vs Ferrari, My score – 14/18

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 Best Sound Mixing Winner – 1917

It really was a toss-up between the two on who would win what and with a bit of a fluke we got there in the end!

My prediction – 1917, My score – 15/19

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 Best Visual Effects Winner – 1917

I read a lot on Twitter about how Star Wars and Marvel fans were butt hurt about not winning Best Visual Effects. Let me be clear to those who are slightly daft. Just because a 2 or three-hour film is almost entirely CGI does not mean it utilised it’s visual effects well. Watch 1917 and you will see and most importantly not see the visual effects used. It should be subtle and help the story, not look like a video game. Richly deserved for 1917.

My prediction – 1917, My score – 16/20

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Best Documentary Short Winner – Learning to Skate in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl)

The tightest out of all the categories, it could have gone any which way, the Academy does love funky titles, and the short doc was very strong. I had gone for In the Absence as it resonated more with me. Still a great documentary and all of which should be watched.

My prediction – In the Absence, My score – 16/21

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Best Animated Short Winner – Hair Love

It was between Hair Love and Kitbull here and rather appropriately (I will not be cynical) Hair Love won. It was brilliant and I can’t wait to see more from the team who made it.

My prediction – Hair Love, My score – 17/22

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Best Live-Action Short Winner –

The Neighbours’ Window

Probably the one that was most polished out of the nominees. Yet again a implore you to search for all the sorts and watch them, they are all very strong and worth your time.

My prediction – The Neighbours’ Window, My score – 18/23

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Best Original Song Winner – “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” from “Rocketman

It never looked like losing this one and it held up its favourite tag. I personally preferred Cynthia Erivo’s song, but sometimes the Academy likes to give the award to the most well-known person. Glad Rocketman won something though. Releasing it in May was disastrous to its awards chances sadly and I said that almost a year ago!

My prediction – “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again”, My score – 19/24

So, that’s it for another 9 months! There will be undoubtedly awards talk between now and then, but everyone can just be glad about how well Parasite performed. Have the voters changed? Maybe, I hope for some very strong films in the next year to help course correct the nominations again. But really where was Eddie Murphy’s nomination? Anyway, I scored a respectable 19 out of 24. I would have liked to have gotten to 20, but you can’t win them all.

What did you make of the results, any snubs in your opinion? Did you do the Oscars pool? How did you do? Did you beat 19? Let me know. Until next time.

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