The Moviegoer (Short Film)

The Moviegoer (Short Film)

The Moviegoer is Ross Munro’s short film love letter to cinema. Fun and heart-warming, his film allows you to reminisce fondly and brings so much charm that you can’t help but like it.

A filmmaker celebrates his inspiration for movies by recreating what it was like for his 9-year-old self in 1972 when he journeyed downtown to spend a magical Saturday afternoon at the movies.

Director Munro packs an awful lot in his short film. The joys of going to the cinema, finding that one actress who remains your movie crush for all of your childhood and seeing those films every Saturday made him into the filmmaker he is today. There is even time for a fake movie trailer about sexy Swedish flight attendants. It has a lot, and honestly, you really can’t but smile during it.

While The Moviegoer is a very personal love letter to Ross Munro’s love of film. He is also able to bring back those memories you had when you first started going to watch films in the cinema and especially those you went to see on your own or with friends at the weekend. It was a great time; it was an easier time. Cinemas were the place you could escape with your chocolate and/or popcorn and not worry about the world. Your biggest concern was if you could squeeze another film in before you had to go home or get picked up.

Munro rekindles the joy of that here in The Moviegoer. Through mixed media such as animation, stock footage and images, live action, as well as his own personal photography and childhood footage. We see his love for film and the cinema blaring on the screen. It is a fondness we all have, and you immediately relate to what he is talking about. Of course, the fact that the film is as sweet and charming as it is is just a bonus.

The Moviegoer manages to keep it light throughout its 20-minute runtime, and while I grew up in a different era, there is so much to relate to. A joyful reminder of the power that cinema has over all of us, no matter our age. Any fan of film will love this short.

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