First Thoughts: Saint Maud trailer

First Thoughts: Saint Maud trailer

First-time director Rose Glass’ first trailer for her psychological horror Saint Maud¬†was released today and we have some thoughts about it.

Saint Maud follows a newly devout hospice nurse (Morfydd Clark) as she begins to become obsessed with saving a dying patient’s (Jennifer Ehle) soul from Hell. But in doing so, is she risking her own soul?

Very promising premise and happily, an original one. Which can be something of a difficult thing to find in the horror genre at the minute (looking at you Black Christmas).

The film had strong reviews when shown in TIFF this year, with A24 gleefully picking up the film. If we are to go by A24’s track record of picking up horror specific films, then we are in for a great film.

Check out the trailer below.

If there is one thing this trailer had it was atmosphere and suspense. If it can be built with such ease here, then that can only be a good thing for the film. With hope that suspense is a slow burner and will just twist and twist up the uncomfortable scale for the viewer.

It feels as if Morfydd Clark as the titular Maud is going to be very good with a strong cast to help her carry the weight of the film. Maud looks fragile and barely able to keep everything together. Is that pressure from God or from something else?

With luck, we will delve into this trailer a little later tonight. First thoughts are very positive!

Saint Maud is released in March 2020 (US) May 2020 (UK) and has a perfect running time (sorry Midsommar) of 83 minutes.

What were your first thoughts? Let us know below.

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