Top Gun: Maverick Trailer 2 Breakdown

Top Gun: Maverick Trailer 2 Breakdown

The first trailer for Top Gun was, I think what everyone wanted and needed. It was a throwback, sure. But a good one. You can read my breakdown here of that trailer. But for now, we have a new trailer and except is increasing. Even if we are 6 months away! Let’s break it down.

Maverick is still full of bravado

One thing that everyone could tell in Top Gun was how sure of himself Maverick was. A bit too sure of himself honestly, but he had that charm to carry it off and you most likely had to have that assurance in yourself to even get to be a fighter pilot. Instead of the Ed Harris scene from the first trailer, we are given I am assuming the meeting beforehand. Where Maverick is told he is going back to train the recruits. What causes the order for him to return?

top_gun_maverick_body_2 (1).jpg

Everyone gets the in aircraft shot!

One difference in these Top Guns is obviously the technology with cameras. Before the angles were as close as they could be to give the illusion of the actors in the air. This time we can get angles such as above. To fully immerse the audience into the plane and also into these characters. The opening shot before the trailer actually starts is more than you need to know what way they are wanting to present the film.


The air scenes are extraordinary

I am sure there have been films that have shown the expertise of pilots before, but the moves pulled off in this trailer alone in my mind out do’s them all. The vertical lift just gives me awe-inspired headaches at the thought of the G-force on the pilots!


It wouldn’t be Top Gun without singing in a bar and volleyball scenes

Whereas Top Gun was a boys club due to its era. Times have changed and I did wonder when we first got the volleyball shots in the first trailer on whether or not both genders would be represented. Happily, that is the case and the comradery of the recruits is good, even if there is some discontent (as I imagine there would be in such a highly charged role) with the scuffle in the hanger.



Please tell us there isn’t another Goose scenario

The aircraft with the engine issue and veering downwards out of the screen with an immediate cut of a funeral is a cruel, cruel edit if they are not linked. I would like to think we can get away without death as affecting as Goose’s but Tom Cruise knows how to get you in the gut when needed to. If it is a trainee, will that affect Maverick? Did he maybe cause it? Lot’s of questions and happily, no answers.


What on earth was he flying at the end of the trailer?

We know Maverick is testing some sort of new plane as he in the suit and the plane have been shown multiple times. Is he testing it while also teaching the new recruits or does something happen with it that makes him have to recruit the new generation so they can fly it? The questions still remain. Though for now I will take the gag of the backdraft almost wrecking that hut.


Still no Val Kilmer yet, next to no dialogue, lot’s of staring and amazing action scenes. Yep, this is a Top Gun film all right. But we still know very little about the film. We know Maverick comes back to teach the new recruits and that one of them is Goose’s son, going by the nickname Rooster (Miles Teller). So there could be a lot of exchanges between the two in that regards.

It has to be said that overall it is far better to have trailers that give next to nothing away, but show just enough to bring the audience in. This was a trend this year with trailers (for the most part) and it was refreshing.

Overall, a great trailer and one that is getting a lot of great buzz. It seems like this was Tom Cruise’s and Paramount’s early Christmas present to us all. Can’t be angry at that. Until next time.

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