US Box Office – December 13 -15

US Box Office – December 13 -15

This weekend saw a very big opening for Jumanji, strong holds throughout the top ten and two well below par openings. Let’s have a closer look.

Jumanji: The Next Level – $60,100,100
Jumanji: The Next Level opened a full $24 million more than Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which is quite the achievement, though it has opened in over 400 more theatres this time out. The audience is well and truly set for this franchise now and they can very well expect to get might close to $1 billion by the end of the year. Of course, this will all depend on how Star Wars does. Jumanji could be seen as a real threat now, however, as everyone is circling Star Wars to hurt its box office. Will it work? We will find out on Thursday after the reviews get in. This is also a big and much-needed win for Sony. The Next Level should reach $1 billion in early January, if not before.

Frozen II – $19,182,000
Toppled off the top spot by Jumanji, but Frozen II and Disney have a lot to be cheerful about. This tiny sum made Frozen II reach the $1 billion club in a mere four weeks and it is Disney’s 6th of the year. Only 8 films overall have reached $1 billion this year, so that should tell you everything you need to know about the strength of Disney. Disney also reached $10 billion in the box office for the first time. Is it time to start wondering if the monopoly is damaging to other studios?

Knives Out – $9,250,000
A tidy drop for Knives out which shows how busy the market is around this time of the year. With what is coming up on the slate over the next two weeks, it could be hard for it to reach $100 million. Don’t count it out though.

Richard Jewell – $5,000,000
It appears as if the controversy with what Clint Eastwood added to the story may have been a factor in its lacklustre performance this weekend. This should have done similar if not better business that The Mule that released in the same weekend last year. But, at this time of year, it could be said that audiences are not after that grim story. Those are usually reserved for January. This is a shame as though there are obviously widely spoken about issues with the film’s story, the performances are said to be strong. It shows that artistic license can catch up on a film.

Black Christmas – $4,420,000
Another performing well below its expectations was the second remake of Black Christmas. There was hope that this could perform well in a family-friendly market, but reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and Cinemascore will have hurt this one. Plus there was such a late push for marketing that it feels Universal knew what they had and tried to cut loses with it.

Ford vs Ferrari – $4,143,000
Edging closer to the $100 million marks. With good reviews and a strong box office keeping it in the public attention, a few awards could and should be coming its way. Though I still prefer the title Le Mans 66…

Queen & Slim – $3,600,000
For all the films that are out, this was a very good hold and I see no reason why it shouldn’t get close to $50 million by the end of it’s run.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood – $3,355,000
About to cross the $50 million markers with only a domestic release is strong, though the tough part will be how much Tom Hanks can bring Mr Rogers into markets that maybe do not know him too well in January.

Dark Waters – $2,000,000
Very much a case of a good film, released in the worst possible time. This has a January or February date all over it and sadly as it is increasing in screens it shouldn’t be dropping 50% as it has. Very unfortunate.

21 Bridges – $1,190,000
Rounding out the top 10 and still keeping a strong hold for a film out for 4 weeks. (Something that should be said for all of the films this week actually) Though this has to be classed as an underperformer sadly. It just never picked up enough traction.

Other notables

Uncut gems – $525,498
From 5 screens it has performed strongly after being mostly overlooked in awards season thus far. It is a good boost to the film. In fact probably a much-needed one.

Playmobil: The Movie $170,000
That is still playing in 2337 theatres and averages at a whopping $72. What is that two family tickets? This is amazingly poor and in fact quite astounding. Yes, Frozen would have taken a lot of the audience, but not to this extent.

Parasite – $632,500
I do not think I have seen a drop as low as 9.9% in a while, that is outstanding and the film was obviously boosted by great word of mouth and all of the awards nominations it picked up over the week.

That’s all this week, be sure to check in every Monday for our updates on the box office. Until next time.

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