Write Here ★★★★ BFI Flare 2023 (Short Film)

Write Here ★★★★ BFI Flare 2023 (Short Film)

Write Here is an excellent short – sensitive story; you are placed into the mind and heart of a character whose dream is to never forget. Jake Muñoz Consing is an almighty talent to keep an eye on.

Eddie, An ageing gay man living alone with Alzheimer’s, struggles to hold onto his identity and onto the memory of his one true love.

Write Here doesn’t waste any time in pulling at the heartstrings; the premise alone is enough to choke you up, but it has been so successfully achieved here that you can only be impressed by the young filmmaker Jake Muñoz Consing. The pace is purposely slow in Write Here, and you could almost be lulled to boredom with it. But if you see what he is trying to convey in his film thanks to that devastatingly good performance from Bodjie Pascua, then that slow pace is worth it.

As not only does he place us in Eddies sad situation, but we go through the day almost as Eddie would. Things take longer as more thought is needed for him to complete his tasks, and when we cut to a new scene or moment, it is sudden and almost jarring. We see Eddie look around, a little bit confused. He is placing us in his shoes, which is very well done.

Jake Muñoz Consing places our fears of living with Alzheimer’s right in the middle of the screen in his latest short, Write Here. You will have most likely experienced a loved one suffering from the horrible disease and seen what it does to them emotionally. But not only does he place that fear right there for us, but he also adds another layer, one of living into your older years without the person you love the most. One is unimaginable to someone in their 30s, but to endure both shatters your senses.

To not fully remember the person you love wrecks you; how could it not? So to see it played out so well in Write Here amplifies those fears tenfold. Eddie (Bodjie Pascua) states at one point that he wishes he had gone first to not have this cruel fate of being alone while forgetting who he loved. It places your mind into thinking about what you would want. Is it better to be the person with the disease to slowly forget their dead partner or for the partner to see their partner forget them as Alzheimer’s takes a brutal grip?

The melancholy piano score from Emerson Texon guides us through Write Here, never trying to raise any tension or mislead us. While this is an emotional tale, it is also very soft and almost fragile, so Texon constructs a score to match it. That is a testament to the carefulness in every aspect of filmmaker Consing’s film. The film is never rushed, and albeit a touch slow, you get the impression it must be for his protagonist’s story. If the story was to hurry itself along, then it would not work as well; we need to see that build-up of him remembering this world, even if the eventual result is pain.

Skewing the story into an LGBTQ+ one opens it up fantastically; we see a complicated character who, because of his life choices, has been left to suffer through a horrible disease alone. Eddie is a man who seems to only have pain left around him when he needs that hand on his shoulder, whether that is the passed on Bernie’s or not. Though just remembering the man he loves is enough for him, after all, for Eddie, today is a good day.


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