First Thoughts: The Woman in the Window

First Thoughts: The Woman in the Window

Amy Adams stars in the thriller The Woman in the Window, not a remake of Fritz Langs film, but an adaption of A.J. Finn’s book of the same name. The film tells the tale of Anna, an agoraphobic developmental psychologist who ends up in the middle of a potential crime scene while spying on her new neighbours, leaving her to determine whether or not to alert the cops.

Let’s have a look at the trailer…

Our first thoughts that there have been a number of excellent decisions in the pre-production of this film. Obtaining Joe Wright to direct is a great piece of work, as well as hiring Tracy Letts (Ford vs Ferrari and Little Women) to adapt the novel. The utter masterstroke is in hiring Amy Adams. For too long she has been great in her roles effectively in a supporting position despite being the lead female. Having not led a film since 2016’s brilliant Arrival (if we count the big screen as we can’t forget Sharp Objects). Just from the trailer, you can see that she is getting to utilise her skills to show a character in the midst of a mental spiral.

There should be a film a year that allows Adams to showcase her talents in a way like this. Happily, the supporting case (it really will be Adams show) is very strong and should make this adaption very powerful.

The film was due for release in October but was pushed to May to allow for reshoots after the Disney Fox acquisition. Hopefully, those reshoots due to audience reaction to the later half will help the film, though May isn’t the best release date due to the pile-up of franchise releases around that time of year.

One thing we know is that the film will be tense and as we can see, nothing is what it seems. Fans of the novel will know what a twist laden time moviegoers are in for.

Amy Adams in The Woman in the Window (2020)

The Woman in the Window is released in May 2020.

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