Tammy and the T-Rex ★★1/2 – Blu Ray Review

Tammy and the T-Rex ★★1/2 – Blu Ray Review

Tammy and The T-Rex is a shamelessly fun B-Movie that has been given its rightful cut by 101 Films. An utter joy of a cult comedy horror.

Tammy (Denise Richards) is a popular high school cheerleader whose new boyfriend, Michael (Paul Walker), might be the love of her life. But Tammy’s jealous ex, Billy, won’t stand for anyone coming between him and ‘his’ girl, so he kidnaps Michael, leaving him comatose and at death’s door, Michael’s body is stolen from the hospital by mad scientist Dr Wachenstein (Terry Kiser), who extracts his brain and implants it into a giant robotic T-Rex. Horrified Michael escapes from the doctor’s lab and begins brutally killing his former bullies. Meanwhile, Tammy starts searching for a suitable human corpse in which to re-transplant Michael’s brain.

Now if that b-movie synopsis doesn’t sell you on some ultra-good fun then nothing will. This is a story that should never come into someone’s mind, yet here is it in all of its gloriously low budget 90s presence.Somehow this is a film that slipped by me and to that, I am sorry as it would have been one of the first in the Saturday night B-Movie series! This is as cheesy as it comes, yet plays it as straight as an arrow and this charm is something that takes a hold of you as an audience while you watch it. No wonder it has the cult following that it has.

Is acting good? Of course not, but we knew that just from the premise, this is a standard young cast filled with older actors who are happily hamming it up. The decision to play it as straight as possible helps the comedy, like most great horror comedies do. Put these characters in a ridiculous circumstance and keep ramping it up and it can work. The utilisation of our T-Rex could go one of two ways. One, of course, is the straight Jurassic Park monster route, or you go far left field as it does here. The T-Rex isn’t to size, moves exactly as an animatronic dino would. If you have a feeling that this dinosaur was probably used as a prop to help promote Jurassic Park, you would be right on the money.

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There are parts of this film that hit you just right. Simple things such as Michael trying to communicate to Tammy when his brain is inside the T-Rex, but he roars. Also, the efforts to get the gore elements right have to be appreciated. This is a film that had next to no budget and took it far. We have a film that had less than two months to get script ready and filmed, to get what we have on screen is almost a miracle.

For some reason that we can only guess as financial Tammy and The T-Rex was cut to pieces to be released as a PG-13 (12) film. This is without a doubt an 18 cert concept if there ever was one right? Otherwise, we would have missed some great cheap horror blood that helps carry the film surprisingly. For those curious, the blood free version is included in the Blu-Ray, so there is that to enjoy with a younger audience.

Within the Blu-ray, other than the two versions, we have some interviews and a great and insightful commentary that we recommend you spend an extra 90 minutes on. Couldn’t be worse than listening to some of the dialogue we are presented with… We jest of course as there have been many films (even realised this year) that have worse dialogue, this is a fun time and that should never be forgotten. This is a shorter review, simply due to the fact that it needs to be seen to be believed. The premise is outstandingly mad, and it is all the more brilliant for it.

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Tammy and the T-Rex is an enjoyable popcorn-munching flick that in times of grim solitude will bring so much joy to you. While this is certainly one for a group watch, give it a try whatever your circumstances. An undeniable joy.

Available on Blu-ray now via 101 Films Black Label.

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