The Stylist Short Cuts

The Stylist Short Cuts

Jill Gebargizian’s The Stylist began as a short film and last month to honour that, the good folks at Arrow decided to run a contest of for female filmmakers working on both sides of the camera to make and send their films in. Here we have the 8 wonderful finalists. Enjoy.

ALCHEMIA | Natacha Thomas

Alchemia – Director Natacha Thomas

The meeting between the wick and the match based on an infamous french serial killer couple…

A short that never lets your eyes or mind adjust, the constant quick cuts of the characters and the dripping blood, mixed with the visuals being drenched in a green and red light has the viewer never fully sure of what they are seeing. But with a wonderful backing track all you know is that you are in for a worrisome time if you are around this couple as they move their way to an unsuspecting home.

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Attention – Director Nora Unkel

A young woman is plagued by demonic sounds. In an attempt to fall asleep, she aims to ignore it by listening to music. But soon she’s forced to confront the terrifying presence possessing her.

3 minutes in length, yet A Nightmare Wakes director Nora Unkel is able to bring a good scare to her audience. Rife with tension her film will have you keeping an ear out for any sounds before bed. With a great demon design, this is probably not one to watch last thing at night. Very well done in all departments.

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Alchemia - The Stylist Short Cuts - ARROW

Bedbug – Director Zoe Holmes and Patrick McDonald

A woman jumps from her slumber in a panic, gripped by the strange feeling that something is wrong. Creeping through the shadowed hallways of her house, something much stranger is revealed.

Showcasing the importance of sound design within a horror film Bedbug unsettles you right away. The constant noises of the house work on you very well. Film in black and white our directors lead you on a wonderful little trail and then pull the rug right out from under you.

Bloodhound – Director Sophia Cacciola

An ancient vampire is stuck in the body of an angry Chihuahua.

What a goddamn premise, a sudden departure from the other films this horror comedy hits all the right notes. There will be fewer terrifying characters in cinema than Mr Bubbles and if you have a pet and love horror, you have almost certainly thought of doing something similar with your pet as we see here. A joy from start to finish with the little touches helping the film stand out even more.

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Final Girls Berlin: “Young Blood” Shorts Program | by Jay Tyler | Cinapse

The Curse – Director Ellie Stewart

When a young girl becomes jealous of her little brother for receiving money from the tooth fairy, she hatches a peculiar plan to cash in.

Ellie Stewart’s film out does itself in its creativity, you have heard of the tooth fairy, but there is another fairy in town and this creation is delightfully inventive. Just when you think you know where the film is going it takes an unexpected turn and then does so again. A fantastic comedy horror with a brilliant ending.

Regan's Blog of Unusual Things - Regan W. H. Macaulay

Ticks – Director Chloe Carroll

When three young adults venture into the woods, a tick bite could be more deadly than they ever imagined.

Nature isn’t for everyone and in Chloe Carroll’s short nature shouldn’t be fore anyone. Our three leads do great work here and with some wonderfully gory practical and special effects work, this is a film that could easily be made into a feature. A horror that wastes no time in getting to the point Ticks will have you unconsciously scratching by the end.

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5 Reasons We Love Tristan Risk's 'Reptile House!' - Villain Media

Reptile House – Director Tristan Risk

A man is looking to buy a snake gets far more than he bargained for as he is drawn into a mysterious woman’s home of exotic reptiles.

Never try and purchase an exotic animal late at night should be a warning everyone knows, yet in Tristan Risk our unlucky victim just wandered into the wrong place. Also, make sure to show how much you want the animal, otherwise your fate may be as deliciously disturbing. A wonderful little thriller.

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Unsafe Spaces - ARROW

Unsafe Spaces – Director Connor Sandheinrich

When getting off the late shift, what looks like 50 feet, feels like 50 miles to a woman alone in a parking lot.

There is something to be said about modern black and white films, they just seem to have an already set in tension to them. With that said the level of tension brought by Sandheinrich and here is excruciating. You are put right into the fears of what it is like for a woman to be alone at night and you feel her fear in this secluded spot perfectly. Such a simple premise expertly executed.

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