Horror films to watch starting with G

Horror films to watch starting with G

Welcome back to my series of effectively a massive list of horror films to watch. Last time out we got to the F’s in our ABC’s and now we move on to G! Fun times. Without further ado, here are 14 horror films to watch beginning with the letter G. If you are wanting a list of the previous films their links will be at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

a very persuasive breakdown of all the hidden symbols in 'get out ...

Get Out (2017)

Who could have seen MadTV’s Jordan Peele (got to go back to where he started) making such a game-changing horror film? The absolute darkest version of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner that you could imagine is presented to the audience and it is as close to a perfect horror film as you can get. Paced and directed to utter perfection with such well-defined and rounded characters, there is nothing in Get Out that falls foul, an essential viewing.

Goodnight Mommy movie review & film summary (2015) | Roger Ebert

Goodnight Mommy (2015)

Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala created a terrifying tale that leaves you guessing right until the end. With the majority of the film depending on the eyes of a facially bandaged actress and two young child actors, it has to be classed as an overwhelming success. Lukas and Elias are able to do so much and convey a wide range of emotions throughout the film that you can only be impressed. Goodnight Mommy is a low key gem that is able to intrigue and unsettle you. Parents will forever be more watchful when they give their children super glue…

Ginger Snaps': A werewolf movie about sisterhood and hating ...

Ginger Snaps (2001)

A very smart take on the werewolf tale. Spun to coincide with teenage puberty makes this one of the few horror films that actually has a good social message to get across. Isabelle and Perkins are terrific as the cursed sisters. The film is so underrated and good that if it had no true gore in the film it would cross over into other genres easily. But like many good horror films, it Is able to utilise many genres to get it’s point across. Horror is merely the full stop to punctuate that sentence. Ginger Snaps helped elevate the often mediocre werewolf subgenre into something more important.

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed (2004)

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed (2004)

The difficult task for Ginger Snaps 2 was how on earth do you make something as good as the original? Luckily for us, Emily Perkins is a great actress and someone who really should have more opportunities to get further (after all she is the original young Beverley Marsh). Following soon after the ending of Ginger Snaps, we follow Perkins Brigitte who is still struggling. Writer Megan Martin was able to write a clever script that switches the change to werewolf about puberty and adolescence to dependency that again, with such a low budget is a wonderful treat. Also, look out for Tatiana Maslany in her first film role.

Green Room | Green room movie, Imogen poots, Patrick stewart movies

Green Room

Manic and visceral, Green Room is not for the faint-hearted. Telling the tale of a rescheduled gig for a young punk band in a neo-Nazi skinhead bar who unwittingly witnesses a murder. The band must get out of dodge, but is it too late? Green Room is non stop, like the band The Ain’t Rights, you do not get a second to breathe and think through the situation and that works utter wonders for the film. Some will say that it is too brutal and that might be so. You’ve been warned…

The Gift (2015)

Joel Edgerton has always been a reliable actor. He always gives a great performance, in his directorial debut (of which there are many in this week’s post it seems) he knocks it out of the park on the first try. The Gift is a tense thriller that I have been reliably informed is a horror. I am not as sure about that, but to placate those who told me otherwise it has been included here. No matter, it is still a great revenge film to catch.

Gozu (2003)

Takashi Miike doesn’t make a boring run of the mill film. Here we meet an out of control yakuza who has been ordered to be assassinated by a colleague. The colleague thinks he has done the job, but he can’t find the body. Soon everything Minami knows is turned upside down in events that I could describe to you, but it would utterly ruin the look on your face that I would want to see. It is utter madness and truly unmissable.

Godzilla (1954) – REEL STEEL

Godzilla (1954)

Without a doubt the best of the Godzilla films and while there are obvious problems with the pacing and the dated effects it is a monster film presented how it should be. In pure madness, yet the undertone of sadness and tragedy is prevalent as it should be with a kaiju film. If you can check out the 2014 restoration which shows the greatest Kaiju in all of his true glory.

gin gwai | Tumblr

Gin Gwai (The Eye)

Forget Jessica Albas version and go straight to the Hong Kong classic (that btw has over 10 sequels, so you can experience that down the line from us in a retrospective review bonanza!) A simple premise of a blind violinist who is given a cornea transplant to see again, but when her new vision causes her to seem mysterious and disturbing images all around her she has to get to the bottom of it. Gin Gwai never really knows what genre it is outside of horror and that is one of the things that hold it back. Where films in this post-genre bend successfully. Here it struggles and that’s okay. It is still a great and original film (for the time) and a showcase of just how good Asian horror can be outside of Japan and Korea.

A beginner's guide to Ju-On and the Grudge franchise | Den of Geek

The Grudge (2003)

In saying that… let’s go back to Japan again. Once touted as the successor to the by then somehow worn-out Ringu, The Grudge is as creepy as it comes. Everyone can do THAT sound to disturb their friends and back then if you didn’t do it at night when staying over with a group of friends, could you really say you like the genre? The Grudge is very much the ghost story to tell at night in comparison Ringu and that is all you need. It is able to separate itself from the Ringu and tell its own tale, which can be mighty hard for films being released in the same era. For once I will say that the American remake is a decent watch, not enough to get on the list, but one that doesn’t disgrace itself and stands out by actually setting itself in Japan, which at the time was quite novel!

Planet Terror' is 100x More Badass in 2017 Than It Was in 2007 ...

Grindhouse (2008)

It was decided to have both features, Death Proof and Planet Terror added in here as that was how it was originally meant to be presented (though if I remember rightly, this didn’t happen in the UK). Separated by some hilarious trailers horror fans are in for a treat. But the main question to be asked here is, which is better? In my opinion, I have always enjoyed Planet Terror more than Death Proof and that is despite loving everyone in Death Proof. Planet Terror is pure fun for a horror fan and if possible to, watch these as originally intended.

Rewind] Why Found Footage Film GRAVE ENCOUNTERS is a Misunderstood ...

Grave Encounters (2011)

This was one of those films that were quite self-aware and almost too self-aware for its own good. It almost didn’t make it onto the list because of the reservations I had about it. Did other films do it better? Without a doubt, but there is something charming about the film and especially the cast, that you can’t help but keep watching. There are some good scares, just don’t talk about that bloody stupid sequel.

The Green Inferno movie review (2015) | Roger Ebert

The Green Inferno (2015)

The continually delayed The Green Inferno certainly has its moments and it is as close to a love letter to Italian cannibal films as you can get in the modern-day. The one drawback of The Green Inferno is that it takes an age to get going. Now, this could be Eli Roth mimicking those Italian filmmakers who also did this, but those films were not overly successful and did not try to convey an environmental message with it. I think critics missed seeing that this was a love letter to a lost sub-genre, and while it does take a while to get going. Once it does it is non-stop terror for our poor group.

Credits to Cover: The GREMLINS Novelization | Birth.Movies.Death.

Gremlins (1984)

Original and as good as horror-comedy gets in my opinion. Gremlins had it all, its social commentary on consumerism is venomous when looked at closer. Especially considering on how many people owned or own a version of Gizmo (I have to admit there is an old battery-powered Gizmo that hums the song in my own house). For the time Gremlins is a marvel and I swear to everything that is holy. If there is a CGI remake there will be wars. The perfect Christmas film…

I am sure I have missed some others out and if I have, please accept my apologies. That or tell me what is missing so I can add it in! If you want to check out the rest of the list, they are posted below. Until next time.

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