Horror films to watch: Letter N Part 2

Horror films to watch: Letter N Part 2

Its been awhile! With a bit of hope there is the aim that we should start ploughing through this list pretty quick from now on and also updating the other letters as there is an awareness that new films that I have caught were not on the old lists. So these are always up for revision! Anyway, we continue on with part 2 of 3 of the letter N. Let’s see what we have this time out.

WATCH: 'La Noria,' Award-Winning Animated Short Film, Premieres Online |  Animation World Network

La Noria (2018)

We kick off with the short animation by Carlos Baena. A fil about a grieving boy who’s toys and sentimental memories are being destroyed by monsters he has drawn. This award-winning short is a haunting piece that, despite its 12-minute runtime, reels you in, taking takes your heart. This dialogue-free film is a wonderful started for younger audiences to get a sense of horror. A dark fairy tale that has vital horror elements. La Noria is worth watching for the animation alone, but with such a good story. This is a wonderful film.

Review: 'Nekromantik' is Very Much a Work of Art - Dark Universe: Horror  Database

Nekromantik (1987)

A film that you perhaps you can only watch once and then never revisit. This is a nasty video that, possibly depending on your position in the movie, was rightly banned. If you can stomach a tale of necrophilia and actual animal abuse/murder, then you are in for a ride. The animal cruelty almost took this off the list in truth, and while it is utilised as a means to show the downward mental stability of its lead, it is unnecessary. This is a gory film that is a little different from the usual fare on the lists. An interesting, albeit ugly, film.

Next Door (2005) - Backdrops — The Movie Database (TMDb)

Next Door (2005)

Another uncomfortable experience of a film, this psychological thriller-horror is full of solid twists that may be a tad obvious but are still rewarding. This is a film that has a lot of graphic sex and violence. Next Door takes its time building up the story and its characters, but when it gets going, it is a difficult train to jump off as it is going hard and fast. Filled with strong performances, Next Door isn’t a film that is quickly forgotten.

Noroi: The Curse Is One of the Horror Genre's Most Underrated Films

Noroi: The Curse (2005)

Found footage films will always be hit, or miss and Noroi should be considered a solid hit. This mockumentary is very detailed and does its best to keep a mysterious tone throughout. Noroi isn’t a film that will be heavy-handed with its style, and while the “jumps” are few, they are well spread out and are incredibly effective when utilised as any horror should be in truth. Instead of just plastering the film with jumps, we are allowed for atmosphere and tension to build in this creepy Japanese flick. Full of dread, this is a J-horror that could easily have been missed. Rectify that.

Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)

A remake that holds up to its predecessor very well. With a wonderful movie that is gorgeous and one that creeps along at a slow pace. Continually building a sense of dread through death elements are never far from this gothic film. Nosferatu is a remake that doesn’t overly rely on its original to dictate how it goes, and Herzog can bring enough of his own story here to make it a separate entity. As atmospheric as it comes to the genre.

Freddy's Home': A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors at 30 — Talk  Film Society

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

Possibly the last good Elm Street film depending on who you talk to, though a rewatch of A New Nightmare may be required. With a fresh change of scenery for the franchise and one that can carry on the story of the first film in a satisfactory way by bringing back some of the originals characters. This is where we truly begin to see some of the comedy that Freddy was so well known for. But, as we keep some of that darkness, it isn’t all fun and games that the future films end up being. Always worth a watch just for the Dokken song!

Nightmare Cinema Trailer: Five Storie to Die For – /Film

Nightmare Cinema (2018)

An enjoyable anthology presents us with five solid shorts with the premise centring on a cinema patrons fears coming to life on the screen. With a cabin in the woods slasher, a sinister surgeon taking advantage of people’s self-esteem, a supernatural religious battle and more, we have a great mix of films that do well in connecting with a person’s fears and allows itself to have something for everyone’s tastes. However, this is an anthology that isn’t the best with joining as strongly with the wraparound sections as it could be. This is great, with a ton of practical effects present in Nightmare Cinema to bring back that older school of horror that we know and love.

Nightbreed - The Ultimate Cabal Cut Boasts 3-Hour Runtime, Contains  Never-Before-Seen Footage | Dead Entertainment

Nightbreed (1990)

Another film that utilises its makeup very well and helps elevate it to be a strong film. We usually know that if Clive Barker is writing and directing that we will get something pretty original, and boy, do we have that here. When we have horrors that ask us questions, it is always going to do well for me. By asking who are the actual monsters of the piece, we get to enjoy our humans’ demise. Now I am adding the Cabal cut to watch as Fox butchered this film in the edit, and it is light and day between the two. So if you can watch this one, make sure you are going for any version with Barker’s blessing. It would be worth it despite the long run time.

Blu-Ray Review: Night of the Creeps | Backseat Mafia

Night of the Creeps (1986)

It is straight-up daft B-movie time on the list, and what better film to fill that slot than Night of the Creeps. This is as fun of an 80s zombie film as you can get, and we would expect nothing less from the director of Monster Squad. Cheesy horror at its best and one that is a wonderful homage to older monster films. An underrated cult classic that needs to be revisited immediately.

Night of the Seagulls (1975) - IMDb

Night of the Seagulls (1975)

The finale of the Spanish Blind Dead series is undoubtedly a film and a series for those who are not aware of getting on. European horror at its best and worst, we have everything you would come to expect. A film with an unbelievably good idea of the atmosphere (how continental Europeans in the 70s and 80s were able to continually nail this has always been impressive to me). If you find yourself a fan of the genre, this is essential to show how it wasn’t just the Italians that were lobbing horror.

That is everything from us today, come back soon as we begin to get through the last half of the letters. The fun is nowhere near over just yet. To check out our previous letters have a click below!

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